Fabio Caselli launched the design studio of the same name in 1985, basing its activities on an interdisciplinary approach right from the beginning. From artistic photography to artisan experiments on materials and their applications, during this phase of study he laid the foundations for the permanent guidelines his style would subsequently follow.

From the 1990s the Fabio Caselli Studio gradually focused more and more on interiors, specialising in the design of retail spaces, trade show contexts, businesses and showrooms, while from the turn of the century it took on an international dimension, concentrating on commercial interior design at the highest level.




Every project begins with a preliminary analysis phase considering client identity and its relation to end-customer experience and on-site functionality. In concrete terms, attention is focused on innovative and technical aspects, on feasibility and economic sustainability, through constant dialogue with the client company and with suppliers. The final goal of this process is to find the right balance of emotion and function in relation to the client’s brand positioning.

Fabio Caselli Design has carried out over 600 different projects all over the world. These include flagship stores, franchising stores, retail corners, trade show stands, showrooms, fashion show settings, offices, agencies and numerous retail concepts, mainly in the Fashion sector.